Infinitely More by Alex Krutov and Jackie Davis

Infinitely More by Alex Krutov, Alex Krutov story, Alex Krutov book review, Alex Krutov russian orphanage system, alex krutov testimony, books for evangelism, book review, evangelism,Infinitely More is a book recommended almost for any type of readers, those who are considering adoption or has adopted, those who has a heart for orphans and for young adults. 

Alex Krutov was only three-days old when his mother abandoned him in a St. Petersburg dumpster. Alex Krutov should not have survived, but God has amazing plans for his life. Infinitely More is a compelling and very inspirational story of Alex, who, was raised in the harsh Russian orphanage system for 18 years and how the arrival of Christian missionaries from the West put an end to his despair. This book also gives the readers an eye-opening look of the Russian orphanage system and how the Russian society that denies the existence of God can bring hopelessness to orphan kids. This book also provides a glimpse of hope to the readers that even in the darkest, most heart wrenching moments similar to what Alex Krutov experienced, God can turn it into something beautiful and He already has plans for your lives. At present, Alex helped in the formation of a ministry that prepares older orphans for life as responsible adults and brings them to Jesus Christ.

  • “Thank you Alex for exposing the issues that orphans and wards of the state in Russia face. This book was so eye opening, educational and life changing!” 
  • “This book touched my heart. If you want to get a dose of appreciation for the life you have, no matter the circumstances right now, read this book!” – S. Meeks, Amazon Review
  • “If you take this journey with Alex ,you will be challenged to receive God’s transforming, healing love in a fresh and revolutionary way.” – M. Gewin, Amazon Review
  • “I believe that the only way to true transformation is through a saving faith in Jesus Christ, and Alex shows this amazing transformation in his book.” – S. Lee, Amazon Review
ISBN 0982635346, 216 pages, Publisher – Whitecaps Media

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