Tragedy to Truth by Casey Cease

Tragedy to Truth, Casey Cease, Anxiety, Depression, healing, redemption, testimony, conversion, books for evangelism, evangelism, book review,Tragedy to Truth is an excellent book that we recommend for people who battles anxiety and depression as well as for teenagers and young adult. 

Tragedy to Truth: A Story of Faith and Transformation is a dramatic and compelling story of how Casey Cease overcome a tragedy that shook his world and how he was rescued and redeemed through the unmerited grace of God’s love. Moreover, Casey Cease opens up his heart how God  completely transformed his life from anxiety and depression to a life of faith sharing the message to redemption and salvation through Jesus Christ to everyone. The story begins when Casey, drank and filled with anger, caused a terrible car accident that took the life of his friend. Guilty and hopeless, Casey lay in a mental hospital on a suicide watch. He soon found found hope in many areas of his life and eventually found Jesus Christ in the midst this tragedy. And since that time, his life has never been the same. Tragedy to Truth is beautifully written and offers love, peace and hope to broken individuals who may think they are beyond forgiveness.

  • “Upon reading this book, I had no choice but to evaluate my own life and the choices that I made.” – A. Higdon, Amazon Review
  • “Without a doubt the most convincing endorsement I can give to Casey’s book comes from seeing the impact Casey’s story has had on the students in our church, including my own daughter!” – V. Flores, Pastor, Bell Shoals Baptist Church
  • “I was moved and encouraged by this book and I recommend it to everyone.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
ISBN 1935909614, 164 pages, Publisher – Lucid Books

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