Sinner’s Creed by Scott Stapp

Sinner's Creed, Creed, Scott Stapp, Rock Band, Artist, Musician, Memoir, Alcohol Addiction, Childhood Abuse, Drugs Addiction, Books For Evangelism, evangelism, book review, biography,Highly recommended book not just for fans of Creed but for those who are struggling with alcoholism, drugs and depression who will be able to relate with someone who’ve won the battle which is only possible through God.

Sinner’s Creed is the honest, raw and spiritual memoir of Scott Stapp, Grammy Award winning leader and songwriter of the multi-platinum rock band Creed. In the book, Scott addresses his abusive childhood, his wild journey with Creed, his near suicide attempt, and, finally, getting right with God. When Scott – born Anthony Scott Flippen – was 8, his mother married Steve Stapp who was physically and emotionally abusive. At a very young age, he was torn with two very divergent images of God. His grandfather shares to him a loving God who deeply cares for him but Scott found this hard to reconcile with the angry, hateful and vengeful God presented by his new ultra-fundamentalist father. Readers will also discover how Scott and his fellow band members got together to form the band we now know as Creed. In the decade of dominance of the band, they had sold almost 40 million records but within this wild ride was the story of Scott’s struggle with alcohol and drugs which not only led to a divorce but also in a suicide attempt in 2006. As Scott shares his rock-bottom moments, his memoir is still paved with love and a story of healing and redemption through Jesus Christ.

  • “His struggles helped me with my own!” – Teymey, Amazon Review
  • “If a reader is walking through addition or if you have a loved one who is constantly battling alcohol or drugs, this book can be a source of understanding and hope.”  -T. Blair, Amazon Review
  • “This book really spoke to my heart & made me examine my own relationship with God.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “I can relate – in part – to his story as I am a recovering alcoholic as well. I feel and understand his pain. And the book also answered the questions I have been asking for the past year and a half – the why’s, etc.” – Barry, Amazon Review
  • I was challenged about my faith in his journey and will highly recommend this book to others!” – K. Warth, Amazon Review

ISBN 1414364563, 336 pages, Publisher – Tyndale House Books



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