Tilly by Frank E. Peretti

Tilly, Frank E. Peretti, Novella, Fiction, Abortion, Books For Evangelism, evangelism, book review, Sold more than 200,000 copies, this novella (128 pages long) was written by a best-selling Christian author, Frank E. Peretti and this book is surprisingly different from any other Peretti novels. Tilly is a moving story of a woman dealing with sorrow and regret over having an abortion almost nine years ago.

“Kathy looked at the little gravestone again. Now she could see it clearly. It bore just that one name: Tilly… She couldn’t take her eyes away. She didn’t want to. She stooped down to look. Only one date. Only one. Nine years ago.”

That night after that encounter in the cemetery she had a strange dream where she met a young girl named Tilly, the daughter she aborted nine years ago. Tilly shares to her the message of emotional and spiritual healing and God’s message of restoration and forgiveness.

Tilly is a heart wrenching book that portrays abortion evil but doesn’t condemn those who are fooled into believing that abortion is the only answer to their problems. Regardless of your personal, political and even religious views on the subject of abortion, you will be touched by this book.

  • “This book will help women who have had an abortion to receive forgiveness of Jesus Christ and warns young teenagers of the consequences of both pre-marital sex and abortion.” -Sunshine, Amazon Review1 
  • “Speaking from experience, it [abortion] is the most painful decision any woman may ever make but this book is a picture that you cannot just blow it off and pretend it never happened but in pain, there is a hope for forgiveness and closure.” -Lydia, Goodreads2
  • “This story may be about God but it does give you the feeling that abortion is so wrong.” –Shanna, Amazon Review3

Dan and Kathy are an average suburban couple and no one would ever imagine what secrets lie in their souls until that moment where Kathy was captivated by the simple name on a tiny gravestone. The message of Jesus Christ’s forgiveness to us sinners finds time to make its way through the few pages of this book4. Tilly was originally presented as a radio drama on Focus on the Family.

ISBN 1581345607, 128 pages, Publisher – Crossway


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