The Hand of God by Bernard N. Nathanson

The Hand of God, Dr Bernard Nathanson, Abortion, NARAL, Pro Choice, Planned Parenthood, Books For Evangelism, evangelism, book review, I am one of those who helped usher in this barbaric age” – the most atrocious holocaust in the history  the United States1 . On Bernard Nathanson personal memoir, he confessed how he put thousands of unborn children to death and how he became one of the great leaders of the pro-life movement.

For roughly 20 years, Dr. Bernard Nathanson performed over 75,000 abortions in his career. He was the co-founder of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (now NARAL Pro-Choice America. As a co-founder of NARAL, he admitted fabricating the statistics of illegal abortions and women killed by botched abortions which paved the way for Roe v. Wade. Clearly, Dr. Bernard Nathanson was a very prominent man in America’s cultural war over abortion.

The book  “The Hand of God” is part personal memoir, part political campaign and part history of abortion. Dr. Nathanson presented how deception and dirty tricks helped abortion legal and socially acceptable in the United States.  The book does not make any excuses as he tells the readers how he grew up as a Jewish-atheist since religion had no role in his upbringing and when he performed an abortion on a woman who was pregnant with his own child. He also shares his conversion to Christianity. Dr. Nathanson feared a culture that endorses abortion would lead to industrial euthanasia and as an active pro-life advocate, he traveled and gave hundreds of lectures throughout the world in defense of the unborn.

Dr. Nathanson’s life is a testimony of the power of God’s grace. He ends the book on a note of hope in Christ’s mercy, forgiveness  and offers salvation. Dr. Nathanson’s conversion touched countless  souls including former Planned Parenthood director turn pro-life advocate Abby Johnson.

  • He gave me hope that I could do the same. He became a man of honor, of honesty, of strong values. I had lacked those qualities for so long – I was fearful I would never be able to regain them. Dr. Nathanson helped me regain that hope… Dr. Nathanson was many things to many people,  for those who have worked in the abortion industry, who have lived the deception, he was something different – a game changer.” -Abby Johnson
  • Dr. Nathanson converted me – his use of the medical and scientific facts was unassailable. I too, was an atheist at the time. He literally changed my life.” –H.Westover2
  • “I read his second book “The Hand of God”, which somewhat influenced my own thinking.” -J. Snowden3

ISBN 089526174X, 206 pages, Publisher – Regnery Publishing


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