They Thought for Themselves by Sid Roth

They Thought for Themselves: Ten Amazing Jews  is an excellent book to give to a Jewish person who is searching for spiritual truth.

“They all defied the status quo and thought for themselves. They dared to explore and confront the forbidden. The result? Everything in their lives changed for the better!”

With over a million books in print and copies are being distributed to Jewish people, They Thought for Themselves: Ten Amazing Jews is a collection of personal testimonies of Jewish people who have an encounter with Yeshua in different ways. Each testimony provides an in depth account how each individuals questioned their Jewish upbringing and how their eyes were opened with the true identity of Yeshua and agreed that He is the Jewish Messiah. T

  • “I was born and raised as a Jewish and became a Christian in 2001 after doing much research. I read this book and gave it to my Dad to read.To my surprise, he was very accepting of this book and was saved shortly after (and my Mother too).” – Sharon, Amazon Review
  • “I highly recommend this book to both Jewish and non-Jewish readers. It would really open up your eyes to see the spiritual realm and understand clearly the time we are living in.” – James, Amazon Review
  • “If you ever wondered about the Messiah, then your faith will be blessed through this book.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “As I read the book, I could feel the Spirit of God inhabiting it. We have given these to several Jews, to show them that there are others out there, who have had the same questions about God and Messiah. Just about anyone can relate to at least one person mentioned in the Book. Isaiah 53 is kept from most Jews. And it is the simple message of their own Bible, that saves. And seeing others go through this process of enlightenment, makes it easier.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review

ISBN 0768428424, 241 pages, Publisher – Destiny Image (2009 edition)


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