Girl Meets God by Lauren F. Winner

Girl Meets God is an inspiring journey that we recommended for young adult readers especially those who lived under Jewish traditions, 

Girl Meets God is a fascinating and inspiring account of the author’s journey from Orthodox Judaism to Christianity. Lauren Winner is the daughter of a reform but non-practicing Jewish father and a Southern Baptist mother. Lauren was raised in the liberal Jewish tradition but as growing up, she learned that she needs to formally convert to Orthodox Judaism but gradually she is drawn to Jesus. Beautifully written and organized by and named after both Christian and Jewish holidays, this memoir contains reflections and flashbacks on significant moments in her life. Girl Meets God is partly a story of Christian and Jewish traditions, partly the story of Lauren’s love and respect for the people both within Christianity and Judaism who shaped her spiritually.

  • “Girl Meets God is a work that will leave you wanting to meet God” David, Amazon Review
  • “Even though the author did not intend this book to be a ‘spiritual guide’, I found it to be because her dedication to her faith challenged me to do the same.” A. Williams, Amazon Review
  • “An evangelical Christian friend loaned me this book as an effort to convert me. I only skimmed the book and gave it back to my friend. Almost a year later, I did decide to convert to Christianity and picked up this book. I found this book helpful as I began to go down a different path from Judaism.”

ISBN 0812970802, 320 pages, Publisher – Random House Trade Paperbacks



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