The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict by Josh McDowell

In ‘The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict’, McDowell concentrated on addressing the questions asked by non-Christians.Through emphasizing historical and legal proofs, McDowell establishes the authenticity of the Biblical texts and the divinity of Jesus Christ. An excellent read for those who are earnest seekers and skeptics of the Christian faith. 

Written by bestselling author and Christian apologist, Josh McDowell (Author More Than A Carpenter, Is The Bible True… Really?), The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict gives a compelling evidence for the credibility and the rationality of the Christian faith; using secular evidences and other historical sources as the primary tools in arguing for the existence of God and the validity of the Bible as the Word of God. The book is divided into four parts: Part 1 deals with the case for the historical reliability and uniqueness of the Bible. Part 2 and Part 3 are case for Jesus (evidences for His deity and resurrection), and the case for and against Christianity (biblical criticisms and evidences). Part 4 is entitled “Truth or Consequences” which have an evangelistic appeal. The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict is filled with information for earnest seekers while an excellent apologetics tool for believers.

  • “Before I became a Christian, reading Josh’s books opened my eyes to the fact that you can’t easily dismiss the Christian faith the way some uninformed people do (the way I did at one point). But if you’re open to having your perspective (and possibly your life changed), take a look. I guarantee that when your life is changed in a dramatic way, you can write about it 30 or 60 years later and remember it like it was yesterday.” – J. Chang, Amazon Review
  • “The book was given to me 17 years ago when I was still pondering around Christianity. When I was young, as a seemingly serious statistician, I said to myself and others that I would only believe in God if He could use statistics and probability to prove the religion. Many people said Science cannot prove faith but is it really true? Statistics, the Science of Uncertainty and Estimation, proves things using a method called hypothesis testing, a technique commonly used in many many fields. Through some lifetime experience, I started experiencing some very unlikely event that happened in my life. Then this book was handed to me from a friend and after reading through all the logical and statistical arguments (using hypothesis testing, exactly what I needed), I accepted the religion. So if you are a science or statistics oriented person, this might well be what you need to read, whether you now believe or not.” – Lov, Amazon Review
  • “If you are a Christian, your second book to read, after the Bible, should be this book. If you are not a Christian, your second book to read, after the Bible, should be this book. Be warned either way, if you read these two books – the odds that your life will be radically changed is VERY high.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “Suffice to say that in my search for some credible evidence of the existence of Jesus Christ – the man who claimed to be the Son of God and who ultimately was crucified for his teachings and claims, I have not found a more seminal resource. The Bible itself was insufficient evidence for me and as a Sceptic it didn’t really cut the mustard to cement my faith in Jesus. Then I came across Josh McDowell’s book…what a “Eureka experience”. This is an incisive, well-laid out book, presenting the most credible evidence Of Christ’s existence – evidence I had not seen in this format before. An example of the most excellent apologetics, with a sound yet user-friendly academic methodology, with references to other resources – a real “clearing of the fog”. It most definitely assuaged my scepticism… to the point that I am no longer a sceptic! Being an avid reader I appreciate it that some books speak more to us than others- although they may deal with similar subject matter – Josh McDowell’s “Evidence” has made my journey in my Christian faith a more joyful, more confident one and I can only encourage those who sincerely seek the truth about the Christian faith and its founder to read this. Detractors of the Christian faith will have a hard time with Josh McDowell’s ‘Evidence!'” – C. Wecke, Amazon Review
  • “This book is what convinced me that to believe that Jesus raised from the dead or that the bible is a reliable historical document can be a belief founded firmly in rational, logical thinking. This book, combined with The Case for Christ, set me off on a apologetics rampage that I am still on today and look forward to being on the rest of my life.” – Jeff, Goodreads
  • “This is the second purchase of this book. One for me – one for my college age son who is questioning everything right now. This is a great reference book, thanks Josh!” – Anonymous, Amazon Review

ISBN 0785243631, 800 pages, Publisher – Thomas Nelson


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