The Father I Never Had by Joel Engle

‘The Father I Never Had’ is a passionate and honest story of pain and redemption and how God’s love transformed Joel Engle’s life. An excellent gift for people with absent father or mother or for people who experienced loss at a young age. 

In The Father I Never Had: Growing Up Without a Dad, Joel Engle shares his story from his early years, his pains and struggles growing up without a family and moments where God met him on the way. As a young boy growing up in San Francisco, Joel never knew his father. At the age of 11, tragedy shook his world when his mother died and left him in the care of his elderly grandparents. Just three years later, there was even more upheaval when his grandfather died and his grandmother went to live in a retirement home. At this moment, Joel reflects that his life was basically miserable and consumed with thoughts of what was going to happen to him. He felt alone, unloved and unhappy. At the age of 14, there was no other option but for Joel to check himself into the local Baptist Children’s Home. At the age of 16, he became part of the Engle family and realized that Jesus Christ was the only one that would never leave him. The Father I Never Had is an amazing story of God’s redeeming power and grace and how His love slowly transformed Joel’s broken life into a whole and loving husband and a father.

  • “No matter what your relationship with your earthly father, this book will point you to the only Father who will never disappoint you and never stop loving you.” – Les Steckel, NFL Coach and President, Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • “I read the whole book in one sitting because I kept needing to see what happened next. I came away from the book with a greater appreciation for God’s redemptive plan, with awe for the way God kept chasing Joel, and with appreciation for the fact that God will use even such messed-up people as Joel and me.” – J. Barringer, Amazon Review
  • “I loved the format of the book and how Joel ended each chapter with Biblical principles he uses to deal with his pains. What an amazing tool to share with others.” – A. Jefferson, Amazon Review
  • “If you are not a Christian and you are just searching for answers or stumbled across this by chance, then, take the time and read this book, it is a quick read but it will also give you answers to questions you may have, or it may confirm what you already know in your heart to be true.” – R. Robel, Amazon Review
  • “This book changed my outlook on life. One of the best books I have read!” – A. Kilgore, Amazon Review
  • “Joel introduces you to a very real God who is more than just a spiritual being that is untouchable. God sustains us in our time of need, He is a very real comfort, and Joel uses his life as an example as to how.” – A. Reitter, Amazon Review
ISBN 0978926560, 142 pages, Publsiher – Lucid Books

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