Better to Be Broken by Huntress Rick

‘Better to Be Broken’ will make a great gift for anyone, not just for the handicapped or physically disabled. Recommended for people who are going through a tough time and those who needs encouragement. 

An inspirational story of triumph over tragedy, Better to Be Broken brings Rick Huntress’ readers through his very personal disability book and will offer encouragement for people who are hurting and pointing them to the hope found in  Jesus Christ. Rick Huntress was once a self-centered man, full of pride and arrogance. His life drastically changed after an almost fatal accident that left him paralyzed and forever condemned to a life in a wheelchair. But this tragic moment became a blessing. He became a loving and kind man ready to serve his family, his friends, and ultimately, our Lord. Through the grace of the living God, Rick used the unexpected detour in his life to touch the lives of many others with the same type of injury. Rick’s story of love, faith, and recovery is truly an inspiration to all.

  • “This true life story was eye opening, if not humbling. Here is a man who lost the normal functions of his lower body, but gave God the glory for gaining his soul in return. This brought me to the question in my own life: How far am I willing to go before I am either broken in spirit or lost forever? How many more days will God look down on me and let me continue in my own way?” – Deb Wilson, Amazon Review
  • “So many of us spend the bulk of our lives chasing after things we think will fill the hole in souls – money, nice clothes, a busy social calendar, a big home. We remain blinded to the one thing that perfectly fills that hole… until something happens. Rick’s story tells how faith, family and friends helped him fill that hole with love and redemption after tragedy struck. One of those rare books that leaves you examining your own life.” – Percy, Amazon Review
  • “I chose this rating (5 stars) because after reading this and going through a spinal injury, this book gave me hope.” – P. Lenz, Amazon Review
  • “What is life when we have everything and are not walking with God. Follow one man on an adventure as he learns God needs to be his all. It has helped me when I was frustrated with life.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “Better to Be Broken is a stirring, real-life call to trust the Lord in the midst of life’s seemingly insurmountable challenges, pointing to Jesus Christ as the only legitimate object of devotion and the only reliable source of strength.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “I just ordered another one for a friend I have been witnessing to.” -Anonymous 
ISBN 0982887590, 122 pages, Publisher – Sable Creek Press

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