Terror by Night by Terry Caffey

Chilling, gripping and yet very inspirational, Terror by Night is an excellent book for anyone who experienced grief or loss. 

In Terror by Night: The True Story of the Brutal Texas Murder That Destroyed a Family, Restored One Mans Faith, and Shocked a Nation, Terry Caffey tells his gripping account of what he experienced when he lost his wife and his two sons to the hands of his daughter’s (Erin Caffey) boyfriend and his two friends. At 3:00 am on March 1, 2008, Terry woke up and saw his daughter’s boyfriend, Charlie, standing in front of him with a gun. Charlie opened fire, killing Penny, Terry’s wife and his two sons. Later, they set the house on fire, thinking everyone was dead. Terry barely escaped and survived. It wasn’t discovered until later. that his teenage daughter, Erin had also survived but arrested for her involvement in the murders and was accused of being the mastermind. Terry feels he just lost everything. He suffers from suicidal thoughts and depression but God intervened. Upon visiting his former home to salvage any final memories, something caught his eye. It was a page from the novel, Blind Sight but Terry believes it was a letter from God. Terry’s life turned around and he explains in detail how he was able to forgive the Erin and the men who killed his family and how even interceded with the prosecutors on their behalf. Terry’s story shows how the power of forgiveness can bring healing after a great loss and how God can bring good out of even the darkest tragedies.

  • “The author forgave and went on to tell everyone the Lord loves us no matter what and is right there carrying us through the storm.” – M. Fields, Amazon Review
  • “I found this book faith promoting especially due to the amount of trials and his ability to find the good and God in the things that happened to him.” – C. Fischer, Amazon Review
  • I bought this book because my cousin is Charlie – the boyfriend who killed Terry Caffey’s family. I must say this book made me cry but it opened my eyes to learn to forgive. I cried myself to sleep many times thinking what should I said to Charlie about his anger but I didn’t. I encourage everyone to buy this book. It will open your eyes to the life you take for granted.” Ella Faye, Amazon Review
  • “What an inspiring story of faith and forgiveness! I decided to read this after the ABC News program telling this horrible story with a miraculous example of God’s grace.” – J. Reynolds, Amazon Review
ISBN 141437965X, 288 pages, Publisher – Tyndale Momentum

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