Simply Christian by N. T. Wright

Heralded as a worthy successor to C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity by Christianity Today, Simply Christian is an excellent resource for explaining Christianity to skeptics and unbelievers.

Written by a world-renowned New Testament scholar, N. T. Wright, Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense is an attempt to simplify the Christian doctrine and explaining it in a comprehensive but accessible way to skeptics and unbelievers. Moreover, this book resembles to C.S. Lewis very influential work, Mere Christianity in a manner of explaining the “core” of Christianity while also defending the truth of the Christian faith. It also  aims to address the concerns of the twenty-first century the way Lewis  spoke to the concerns of the twentieth. Responding to the increasing anti-Christian rhetoric, Wright makes a compelling case why Christianity makes  perfect sense and it gently reaches out to the non-believing seeker through four themes: longing for justice; quest for spirituality; hunger for relationship and; desire for beauty. 

  • “N.T. Wright is simply crucial; his writing can transform one’s life.” – Anne Rice, Author
  • Simply Christian is an invaluable guide for seekers and doubters as well as believers.” – Os Guinness, Author
  • Simply Christian is an introduction to spiritual formation. It alert the readers to the riches found in Christ and the power of his resurrection and beckoning them to find their satisfaction in Christ….” – D. Steele, Amazon Review
  • “A wonderful book for those who desires to explore the implications of faith in Jesus Christ. He looks at the meaning and message of the Bible and how the God presented calls all to follow in meaningful ways.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “My early years provided me with a dull version of Christianity and in my later years the other extreme. I had just about given up on Christianity as a whole and settling instead for my own version. Then I stumbled across this book in my local bookstore and was drawn to it as I really enjoy N.T. Wright’s ability to take on modern criticism without ever wavering in his faith nor compromising its essentials. Within a few pages a wave of peace and comfort washed over me. Rather than critiquing Christianity as expressed today, he opted instead to focus on its essence, to keep the story focused on what is right with Christianity and how it makes sense, even – or especially – today. His descriptions of salvation, the kingdom of God, the mission of Jesus and the power and the mystery of the Trinity, resonated more deeply than I was prepared to experience. I almost cried. It literally recharged my wavering faith with a new sense of vigor. Not only is Christianity relevant in today’s world, it is essential.” – A. Ort, Amazon Review

ISBN 0061920622, 256 pages, Pubisher – Harper One


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