Long Journey Home by Os Guinness

Are you in a point in your life when you realize that there has to be something more? Do you  want a seeker’s road map to the quest for meaning? If yes, then, Long Journey Home is the book for you!

Long Journey Home: A Guide To Your Search for the Meaning of Life is Os Guinness effort to share the gospel to those who are seriously seeking for the true meaning of life. Os Guinness wrote this book for the modern seekers and he assumes no faith from the readers except that he/she can think enough to care about the meaning in life. Rich in stories and profoundly personal as well as practical, it explores the great philosophies of life and charts the road toward meaning taken by countless thoughtful seekers over the centuries. For those who desire to effectively share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others will want to own extra copies of this exceptional book.

  • “It is apparent that the author also had another objective–to steer the seeker towards a particular “meaning of life,” that of the Christian faith… That being said, “Long Journey Home” is still a good book that asks penetrating questions and offers some useful insights for the seeker who needs some direction for starting his or her quest.” – R. Bonnell, Amazon Review
  • “For any thoughtful person who wonders how faith (real faith in a real God, not belief in belief itself) can be embraced by rational, logically thinking 21st-century people, Guinness helps you work it through without being naive or insulting, and without doing the wrestling for you. Read it and be challenged to think, and find true hope.” – Craig, Amazon Review
  • “Not since C.S. Lewis wrote Mere Christianity in 1943 has a book the potential to influence a generation of Christianity’s cultured despisers as Dr. Os Guinness’s new book “Long Journey Home.” A guide to your seasrch for the Meaning of Life. This book is must reading for any intelligent agnostic, for those who may have lost their faith, or for hard core atheists.It is a book you can safely give your friends without embarrassment. It will challenge the agnostic and unbeliever, it will, for some confirm their faith, and for others convict.” – D. Virtue

ISBN 1578568463, 224 pages, Publisher – WaterBrook Press


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