He Did This Just for You by Max Lucado

Written by one of America’s favorite writer Max Lucado, He Did This Just for You is an easy, short and straight forward evangelistic book that leads the non-believing readers through God’s plan of salvation and offers an invitation to accept Jesus Christ. Moreover, He Did This Just for You is an excellent way to introduce the gospel to your non-believing family members, friends and acquaintances through Max Lucado’s warm and easy to understand writing style.

In this 64-page book, Lucado clearly takes written scripture  and explain its meaning and relevancy to your life and shows the readers the way to Jesus Christ. We invite you to check out and read this book and experience God’s grace and plan of salvation for the first time! And if you are already a believer, we suggest that you use this booklet to share the message of hope with someone you know.

  • This book was the book that brought me to God.” – Anonymous, Barnes and Noble 
  • “This book is a great evangelistic book. Even if you have a hard time sharing verbally the plan of salvation, give someone this book and then be ready to talk to them.” – Beverly Lawrence 
  • “This is good book for both believer and non-believers. I am not a professed believer – I am still compiling information – and this book was very compelling! Not only does it give the view of a believer for any type of reader but it adds examples and comparisons.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “I absolutely loved this book. It is a very touching presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was so excited when I read it that I asked my family to read it and bought a copy for a friend.” – A. Esguerra, Amazon Review
  • “Before reading this book, all I know is that Jesus died on the cross for me to be saved. That’s it. I took it for granted and never appreciated it. I cannot understand how the cross changes the lives of other people. But after reading this book, now I understand what the cross truly means. Reading this book allowed me to see the little things that I don’t see before, allowed me to stop and just feel God’s love for me and you. This book is an eye-opener!” – P. Sunga, Goodreads
  • “This is a great gift to give to someone that you have been speaking to on an on-going basis about the love of Christ and a good tool to use in evangelism.” – T. Downes, Christian Book
  • “This is a good tool to use for evangelism. This book also explains in such simple and beautiful terms the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross.” -Sher, Christian Book
ISBN 0849905729, 64 pages, Publisher – Thomas Nelson

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