Fallen by Annie Lobert

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Fallen: Out of the Sex Industry & Into the Arms of the Savior is an amazing story of redemption of Annie Lobert who was once trapped in a world of sex trafficking which only offer her pain and how she found freedom in the loving arms of Jesus.

In this book, we learn of Lobert’s early beginnings, growing up in a small town and experiencing common struggles with friends, school and boys. Added to this was living inside a home filled with turmoil. At age nine, she was sexually abused by an older girl and as a teenager abused by boys  in exchange for the promises of love. Lobert felt unloved, used and abused, she struggled to fund her self-worth. Lobert gets out of her town and  starts t work as a sex worker where she found it very easy to earn thousands of dollar. Greed and materialism consumed her and she began a new life with a new name — Fallen. Lobert then ends up in Las Vegas where she became a sought-after high-class escort. As a sex worker, she was owned by a violent pimp who would often beat her up and collect all the money she earned — she was living a life as a prisoner of her pimp. After Lobert experienced another near-death beating from her pimp, Lobert started her journey getting out of the world of sex industry. Then after being diagnosed and treated for cancer, Lobert found herself near death from drug overdose. Lobert finally surrender to the love of Jesus. This mark the beginning of her new life. Lobert founded Hookers for Jesus, a Christian faith-based nonprofit organization that addresses prostitution, sex trafficking, and sexual violence and exploitation linked to pornography and the sex industry.

Through Lobert’s story from living in the dark realms of sex trafficking industry and how she found freedom through the arms of Jesus, readers will be encouraged knowing that no matter how far one have fallen, God loves you and He wanted to save you from the depths of pain, addiction, or abuse. And He longs to give you a new life.

  • True to life story of transformed soul through Jesus Christ. It was an accurate display of life as a stripper and prostitute in the 1980s. Even the pimp lingo was right on track and brought back many a memory for me, as I too lived a similar life during that decade. Praising God for Annie and the life Christ has given her. I also praise God for the work she does today to help others who are still in the industry. God can transform even the most broken soul and give them a new life bringing Him glory. As a said before, I know because He gave me back my life in 2001 when I hit rock bottom and had nothing going for me except being a washed up stripper and ex-prostitute with a horrible crack habit. Life had kicked me in the teeth so many times I gave up on living and myself except Jesus saw something more in me than I could see in me. I surrendered my life to Him as Annie did and I now serve Him on the mission field in Honduras. I could have been the character in this book that is how accurate it is to my own life and how much I know what she went through. This is an awesome read of the power of the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ and it also shows he loves all and none have any greater sins in His eyes and we can all bring Him glory if we are just willing to totally surrender to Him. Beautifully written and definitely a must read!! – Pepper, Amazon
  • This book is so much more! This book offers something unexpected. It offers it to the reader, to any woman being trafficked, to any “pimps” that are trafficking, it even offers it to the “johns”. This book offers the path to redemption that Annie found in Jesus Christ. More than a simple “accept Jesus”, instead Annie leads you through the process step by step of laying down your burdens, your past and accepting the salvation of Jesus Christ. – R. Dickerson, Amazon
  • It’s a wonderful story of how much Jesus loves us and wants to provide healing and restoration in our lives. Thank you Annie for your willingness to be vulnerable by sharing your story. You give hope to other young women struggling to get out of the sex industry, to believe that they can find freedom in Christ, and to find their true value and worth as human beings who are loved by God. – M. Jones, Amazon

ISBN 1617954209, 224 pages, Publisher – Worthy Publishing


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