Dancing for the Devil by Anny Donewald

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In Dancing for the Devil: One Woman’s Dramatic and Divine Rescue from the Sex Industry, Anny Donewald shares her hearbreaking yet very powerful story of transformation from being trapped inside the dark realms of sex industry to how she found freedom through the redemptive power of Jesus.

Anny Donewald came from a normal family – her father is an NCAA Championship-winning basketball coach while her mom is a stay-home mother. When Donewald was only 13 years old, one of the player on her coach father’s NCAA basketball team began to sexually abusing her. This nightmare marks the beginning of Donewald’s journey toward self-destruction. Years later, Anny tumbled headlong into the world of drugs, money and prostitution. Facing the prospect of second abortion, Downwald prayed and God intervened. Donewald starts  her road to recovery with Jesus. And on her journey, Donewald feels she is directed by God to help those who like herself feel trapped in the world of sex industry. Donewald founded an organization called “Eve’s Angels” to minister to both men and women trapped in the industry.

Anny Donewald’s memoir Dancing for the Devil provides an inside look to how dark the world of sex industry but Donewald provides hope to anyone who is trapped in this industry. Donewald explains that they can still get out and find the uncoditional love of Christ.

  • I cried, I laughed, I could totally relate. If you hunger to be real, you need to read this book. This read was so powerful for me, I had to take a break from it for a couple of days and deal with some of my own demons, but how can we be healed if we don’t.  To any xxx girls or guys, or persons: Anny is absolutely right about the love of Jesus for you, for me, FOR ALL OF US. Jesus is like no other man (or person) you’ve ever met! His love is pure, good, and safe. You need only to ask Him for help and surrender to His perfect love. Amazon Customer
  • It’s an awesome account of her testimony. Proof that With God you can overcome. It’s not easy but it it can be done. As a survivor of rape and sexual abuse I know how those things can take you places in life you never dreamed of. You can get on a right path though. Just don’t give up. Anny has a very inspiring story! God bless her for her ministry. Bre, Amazon
  • This story is riveting. Any really went down the wrong path repeatedly and through the grace of God and her dedicated, patient and outstanding parents, she was able to find her way back home. It’s inspiring and teaches you to never give up on someone you love. – N. Bosland, Goodreads

ISBN 1476759081, 384 pages, Publisher – Howard Books


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