Dinner With A Perfect Stranger by David Gregory

Dinner with a Perfect Stranger: An Invitation Worth Considering is a little fictional book that you can share to  anyone dealing with questions about what Christianity is all about.

Dinner with a Perfect Stranger is about an average workaholic family man named Nick Cominsky who received an invitation to have a dinner with Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Nick is a 30-something successful businessman living in Cincinnati with his lovely wife, Mattie and a toddler daughter, Sara. But he works many hours each week which stressed his relationship with his wife. Upon realizing this, he became reluctant to accept the invitation which will only means another late night away from his family. But Nick was intrigued by the invitation which he suspects a joke or a prank by some of his friends. With much skepticism, he heads to the posh Italian restaurant. Upon arriving, he sees no hint of any of his friends but only a man dressed in a suit and tie waiting for him at a table. The dinner with Jesus Christ turns out to be the perfect opportunity for Nick to ask all his questions about Christianity. Dinner with a Perfect Stranger addresses questions about God, religion, science, the meaning of life, fulfillment, suffering, relationships, heaven — the things that, deep down, we all wonder about. 

  • “I first read this book with my father in his nursing home room. He had questions about where he would go after he died. A family friend put this book in his hands and I read it with him. He found the answers he needed and my father and I had some great conversations about God and Jesus Christ because of this book. I am forever grateful to David Gregory for writing this book. It really helped to calm my father and his end-of-life (on Earth) issues.”- Hammer, Amazon Review
  • I am not religious person and extremely skeptical of generally all religions. The flow of story was great with parts slightly confusing but I enjoyed the overall message that having God in your life isn’t as difficult as people make it out to be.- M. Johnmeyer, Amazon Review
  • “It’s a quick read and is a great tool to share with someone that is questioning Jesus” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “While this book is definately evangelical in nature, and at times very simplistic, it does provide a casual setting to open discussions about who Jesus really is and what it truly means to follow him.” G. Blankenship, Amazon Review
  • “If you’re looking for a clear honest approach to Jesus from the perspective of a sceptic, this book is for you. I gave one to several family members who have dabbled in Buddism and other Eastern Religions so they can see why Christianity has a wisdom that comes from a wiser source than man.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  •  On the surface it looks like a short fiction–easy to read, well written dialog, the whole novella scene. Then as you read it, it starts turning into an apologetic, even a comparative religions essay. But at final glance it is a superb evangelism booklet: it doesn’t preach, but doesn’t hold back any punches either. – B. Potter
ISBN 1578569052, 112 pages, Publisher – WaterBrook Press

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