Comeback by Dave Dravecky with Tim Stafford

Comeback is an excellent read not just for baseball fans but for cancer patients and anyone facing hardships.

Written by Dave Dravecky together with Tim Stafford, Comeback is an inspiring and dramatic story of finding hope, courage and perseverance in the midst of dark and overwhelming uncertainty. This book also offers both an inside look at major league baseball and an exploration of an athlete’s faith in God. In his childhood days, Dave spent his day playing baseball in his backyard and his nights dreaming of becoming an all-star pitcher in the big leagues. Eventually, his dreams came true when his talent for pitching  led him to the major leagues and two All-Star games. At the peak of his career, his success was overshadowed by the discovery of a cancerous desmoid tumor in his pitching arm. Dave underwent a surgery which removed half of the deltoid muscle. After battling cancer, Dave made his comeback back a year later, pitching once again in the Major Leagues. Sadly, Dave’s comeback was short-lived. Five days later, as Dave released the ball, his humerus bone snapped, and he collapsed in the middle of the game. Dave’s cancer had returned, ending his career. Less than two years after his comeback, Dave’s left arm and shoulder were amputated. Still, the amputation gave Dace a new chance for life and relying in God to help him and his wife deal with depression. Losing his childhood dream became Dave’s platform to share hope, comfort and encouragement in overcoming trials of extreme circumstances through the power of Christ.

  • “A must read for every athlete – both Christian and non-Christian.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “It is more than a book about baseball. It is about man’s Christian’s Faith. It discuss Dave Dravecky’s Christian Faith and how that faith help overcome physical and mental obstacles to make a comeback from cancer in his pitching arm.” – E. Alvarado, Goodreads
  • “What a great story of fighting through trials and tribulations of extreme circumstances and to overcome them with the power of Christ. Dravecky is not shy in sharing that his comeback to professional baseball after a battle with cancer can only be because of his relationship with Jesus.” – M. Black, Goodreads

ISBN 031052881X, 252 pages, Publisher – Zondervan


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