Born Again by Charles W. Colson

Born Again is an excellent book for people who serves time in prison or have pending cases and also for people who are interested in American politics and history. Moreover, ‘Born Again’ is an honest account of Colson’s admission of sinfulness and his transformation as a powerful witness of Jesus Christ.

More than 35 years ago, Charles ‘Chuck’ Colson wrote a good book called ‘Born Again’. Colson was a man that was no stranger in the press for his participation to the very infamous Watergate Scandal as he was known as the ‘hatchet man’ of President Nixon. ‘Born Again’ chronicles his life from the Nixon presidency to his release from the Maxwell AFB where he served for seven months. The book is a mixture of political insights, the history of Watergate Scandal and Chuck’s powerful testimony on how he came to know the Lord and how he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. Colson became a committed Christian while the Watergate charges were still pending against him. He could easily avoid being convicted and sent to prison but there was one moment when his friend gave him a copy of C. S. Lewis’ ‘Mere Christianity’. His encounter with Jesus Christ and his conversion to Christianity led him to plead guilty to obstruction of justice and he went to prison. This was his experience that forever changed his life and the life of many others. His conversion led him to found Prison Fellowship where he advocated for the spiritual transformation of prisoners. Colson’s transformation and his ministry are a living proof that God can change a man’s heart and destiny.

  • Teila Tankersley shares how that after she read ‘Born Again’, she discovered a new found appreciation of the character of God and how it planted a seed in my heart on just how important faith and Christ is. “When my brother was imprisoned several years ago, I thought about Colson’s prison conversion and that gave me hope for my own brother. The prayers of my family were answered and we witnessed firsthand how God turns another hardened criminal. My brother became a Christian in prison and upon his release he too continued to serve Christ and now he is a pastor in Southern Colorado. Since his transformation, I have become an outspoken advocate for prison ministries.”
  • “I bought this book for my 18 year old  son who is in prison for burglary and he gained so much insight from this book.” S. Knowles, Amazon Review
  • “Excellent book that opened and challenged my life.” D. Schultz, Amazon Review
  •  “Mr. Chuck Colson inspired me from the moment I first read his book, ‘Born Again’. – Marty Angelo, Author Once Life Matters: A New Beginning” and “Vision of Jerusalem: Now!”

Chuck Colson died last April 21, 2012 yet he will be remembered as a man of faith, wisdom, compassion and a great servant of God.

 ISBN 0800794591, 384 pages, Publisher – Chosen Books



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