The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas

‘The Robe’ is a classic and timeless story of adventure, faith and romance –  a tale of spiritual longing and ultimate redemption that we recommend for seekers and for those who have questions about who is Jesus Christ and what Christianity is all about. 

Originally published in 1942 and a New York Times Best Seller, The Robe is  a historical novel written by Lloyd Douglas about the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This book explores the aftermath of the crucifixion of Jesus through the experiences of the Roman tribune Marcellus Gallio and his Greek slave Demetrius. Marcellus is an arrogant young Roman soldier who wins Jesus Christ’s robe as a gambling prize. He then sets forth on a journey to find the truth about Jesus of Nazareth and his quest reaches to the very roots and heart of Christianity. Although written as a fiction, The Robe portrays biblical truths all the way through. An excellent read for both believers and non-believers and for anyone who likes classic fiction or history oriented.

  • “I had read this about six years ago. Recently my son was sent to prison. I sent a copy to him and we read it together and discussed it on our phone conversations. I am sure there will be a changed attitude. I suggested he leave it in the jail library for other inmates. Maybe the book will help others in prison. It is an easy to find yourself right in the middle of the conversations taking place in the book. I can feel the sand under my feet as I read it.” – B. Price, Amazon Review
  • “It is interesting to read this book following seekers who have the opportunity to visit with those who knew Jesus. A slave and a Roman citizen find the need for Jesus and come to believe through contact with the disciples and early Christians. For believers this is very meaningful. For seekers, a comfort and beginning point.” – Maggie, Amazon Review
  • “I hope that you not only enjoy this book as entertainment, but that it will challenge you to re-evaluate who Jesus Christ is, and that it will ultimately change your life!” – R. Eimers, Amazon Review
  • “This book means a lot to me. It was the ultimate turning point in my life and I’ve heard others express the same thing. The Robe is powerful and overwhelming. In my case, it was life changing.” – Deborah, Goodreads

ISBN 0395957753, 528 pages, Publisher – Mariner Books 1st Ed


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