The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living by Lacey Strum

The Reason by Lacey SturmThe Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living contains former Flyleaf lead singer Lacey Strum testimony of hope and faith. In this book, Lacey shares her struggles in life and how she overcame them. She tells her story of finding purpose behind the struggles and pain and sharing the reasons for her hope.

The day Lacey planned to commit suicide was the day her old life ended. Lacey was an atheist who hated Christians and believes that churches are place for hypocrites, fakers and simpletons. That day that she decided to kill herself, her grandmother forced her to go to church. The screaming match she had with her grandmother became the reason she went to church. And what she found there was the Reason she is alive today. 

With raw vulnerability, Lacey shares her story of physical abuse, drug use, suicide attempts, and more–and her ultimate salvation. Additionally, Lacey asks the readers hard questions that are so many young people are asking such as ‘Why am I here?’, ‘Why am I empty?’ and ‘Why should I go on living?’. Lacey tells the readers that beyond one’s temporary satisfaction, pain and suffering is a reason why they exists and a purpose in their lives. Not only that Lacey shares her story, but she also shows them that the same God is guiding their steps today.

  • This book was amazing! I had heard different parts of Lacey’s story from the various testimonies she gave as the lead singer of the band Flyleaf. Her story touched me because I, too, had a difficult past with depression, a hatred of God/Christians/Anyone who was happy, and suicide. After hearing more of her story at a recent Billy Graham event here in my home town, I purchased her book. I couldn’t put it down. Her life is truly inspiring. While I’ve only been a “True” believer in Christ for a short time, I can understand everything she points out in her book. Lacey is a gift to the world and I can only pray that her book reaches the hands of those that need to hear her story. Lacey states that there is a Reason for everyone to be alive. Our gifts can help others. This book has inspired me to continue on my own journey as a writer and teacher – to keep faith and hope – and to truly know that God has a specific reason to keep me alive by helping others. Thank you Lacey for telling your story! D. Arndt, Goodreads
  • Lacey’s book is beyond amazing as she takes us through her life, telling us about the hardships she has gone through, and how God found his way into her life and saving her from herself. As I read her book, I felt as though, it may have been written about me to a certain extent. I felt emotionally invested with each word, and I found myself even crying at certain parts. Her book shows us, that no matter what, there is always a reason to live. – J. Fleming, Amazon
  • I don’t even read nonfiction/memoir/autobiography/biography-type books, and this is literally the best book I’ve ever read. EVERYONE should read this book, regardless of if you like Flyleaf or Lacey’s music, or even like music at all. This book is a life-changer. This book contains a perspective everyone needs a glimpse of. If I had the money, I’d buy a bunch a give them to everyone I know. – R. Nicole

ISBN 0801016738, 208 pages, Publisher – Baker Books


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