Run Baby Run by Nicky Cruz

Run Baby Run, Nicky Cruz, David Wilkerson, Conversion, Violence, Books For Evangelism, True Story, Evangelism, Book Review,Run Baby Run is an excellent resource to give away to troubled youth who are exposed to the dangers of alcohol, drugs and violence in the streets. Aside for teenagers and young adult readers, this book is also recommended for inmates and former convicts.

With over 2 million copies sold, Run Baby Run is the true story of Nicky Cruz, a former savage street gang leader turned evangelist. This remarkable book has all the elements of tragedy, violence, and intrigue – plus the greatest of all ingredients: the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A Puerto Rican, Cruz escaped his brutally-abusive parents and fled to New York in mid 1950’s. When he hit the streets of New York, Cruz was a hardened man void of love and full of hate. He lived with his brother but soon runs away and started living on his own. At the age of 16, he became a member of the notorious Brooklyn street gang known as the Mau Maus, the toughest gang in New York City. Cruz’ life was a downward spiral of  violence and dysfunction until when a skinny preacher – David Wilkerson came to the streets of Brooklyn and delivered the message to Nicky – “Jesus loves you, Nicky.” Cruz threatened to kill the preacher, but several weeks later at a rally, Cruz surrendered his life to God and exchanged his weapons for a Holy Bible.

  • “This book has touched my heart in more ways than you can imagine. Nicky Cruz’s testimony is the reason I am saved today. Me and his past is very similar. I experienced all the hardships he did and I could identify with him over pain and loss and brokenness, over hate and anger. Without reading this book I (guess) I would be dead…” – Paul
  • “Bought this book for an inmate in state prison. He said he loved it. The story of Nicky Cruz reminded him of himself and now he has hope that God will still use him.”
  • “I started reading this book when I was probably 6th grade in 1976 and I give credit this book with really being a witness to me. This book showed me at a young age how miraculous that God can change someones life! I have suggested this book to many people, it is a true inspiration!” – J. Grimes, Amazon Review
  • “I read this book about 15 years ago it had a great impact on my life. Nicky Cruz has a great testimony. I recently purchased this book for my nephew. Run Baby Run has been a great ministry tool for me within the youth population whether you live in a booming metropolis or a small town everyone I have purchased this book for has found something they can relate too.” Mel, Amazon Review
  • “Run, Baby Run is a powerful book. I bought this as a gift to a mother who had difficulty holding hope and faith for her troubled son who was on drugs and living a life as such. This book is such a faith strengthener and builder.” – N. Osland, Amazon Review
We also would like to recommend that you check out The Cross and the Switchblade, the book that chronicles the spiritual journey of Pastor David Wilkerson – the man who introduced Jesus Christ in Nicky’s life. 

ISBN 0882706306, 360 pages, Publisher – Bridge-Logos


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