Hush by Nicole Braddock Bromley

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Nicole Braddock Bromley’s book, Hush gives the readers an honest look on the topic of childhood sexual abuse – a topic in which most victims opted to keep silent in our nation today. With Nicole’s brave account of her own history along with other testimonies, this book offers the readers an inspiration and gives hope for victims of childhood sexual abuse. In addition, Nicole carefully examines and explains the impact of childhood abuse and offers words of comfort and gently provides healing that can be found in Jesus Christ.

  • “She shows me that there is light at the end of the tunnel an that there is true healing in Jesus’s Name. My only regret is that I didn’t read it sooner.” O. Howell, Amazon Review1

  • “I read this book at a very desperate time in my healing after a sexual assault. This book helped me find a voice. Thank You Jesus for healing and for using tools such as this book as part of my journey towards restoration and redemption!”2

  • “I hope that everyone in my situation will also be lucky enough to feel the power of healing in their life, a healing that I have learned can only come from a personal relationship with Jesus.” Cristina, Amazon Review3

Nicole’s courage and honesty flow from the pages of Hush. This book is a well-balanced and sensitively-written resource highly recommended for childhood sexual abuse survivors and for people who seeks to help them.

  • “Many thanks to Nicole and all the others who shared their stories in hopes of beginning the healing in others as it definitely did in mine. To those who are contemplating the journey of finding healing from their sexual abuse, I recommend this book! There is a sense of comfort in knowing that others have been through what I have. Most importantly Nicole lives and shares in this that victory can be gained through recognizing our identity and value in Jesus Christ’s unconditional love towards us.” Cindy, Amazon Review4

ISBN 080244864X, 192 pages, Publisher – Moody Publishers

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