God Loves Ugly by Christa Black

For anyone who struggles with body-image, self-worth and eating disorder, we recommend Christa Black’s honest and inspiring book ‘God Loves Ugly’.

God Loves Ugly: & Love Makes Beautiful is the moving tale of Christa Black, a popular violinist, singer and songwriter who shared the stage with renowned artists from The Jonas Brothers and Michael W. Smith to Jordin Sparks and Israel Houghton. In this book, Christa chronicles her troubles with over-achievement, her insecurities, self-hatred, addiction, sexual abuse, depression and eating disorder that landed her in rehab. After miraculously discovering God’s unconditional love for her despite her imperfections and moral failings that she finally began to accept herself. This book also offers tools for readers to overcome their own personal and painful struggles and find true healing freedom and peace. God Loves Ugly will shift the way you think, motivate permanent change, and inspire your heart to find peace.

  • “I’ve read many books on the subject of disordered eating and eating disorders. This by far has been the best. True hope and true recovery only comes through Jesus Christ. Christa talks about complete healing, total recovery and true freedom. A must read if you or someone you know struggle with disordered eating issues.” – Gina, Amazon Review
  • “God truly does work all things together for good. It’s in this book. God is real and reading this book will prove that point over and over again. I also feel every single girl and woman in the world should read this book.” – Mae, Amazon Review
  • “I can’t recommend this book highy enough. It’s my personal mission to make sure that every woman I know reads it. I struggled with my self worth/weight/self image etc my whole life. I never thought I would be free. This book brought me so much freedom. Read it.” – Joy, Amazon Review
  • ” The Grace and Love she has to do life well is unbelievable, which gives her the platform to extend that same Grace and Love which equals victory to others. Get ready to encounter the Love of God through this book and see yourself as he sees you.” – Tasha, Amazon Review
  • “Christa does an excellent job of clearly explaining the struggles she went through and how she used Christ to reveal and heal what she was trying to fix on her own! If you are dealing with an emotional issue, food issue, pride issue, sin in general, this book can help you get to the heart of the problem and help you start the steps needed to break free from the issue.” – Karlyn, Amazon Review
  • “This book is life-changing and written in an easy way that goes right to the point. It’s pretty difficult for me explaining you how this book changed my life. After reading the book, understand that I’m not alone and that whatever happens there is someone there for me, who help me all the times. Thank you Christa for changing my life!” – Silvia, Amazon Review

ISBN 1455516597, 224 pages, Publisher – FaithWords




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