Called Out by Janet Boynes

Called Out by Janet Boynes is an excellent book for believers who want to minister to loved ones caught in homosexuality and for your non-believing friends caught in a lesbian lifestyle. 

Called Out is about the story of Janet Boynes, a Christian woman who used to live her life as a lesbian. Growing up in a family of seven kids by four different fathers, she suffered violence and physical abuse which spilled over to fights at school. At 12, she was molested by a relative and later she was raped by an altar boy at church.  In order to deal with the pain, she started smoking and doing drugs. In college, Janet started to attend the church and dated a man but was confused because she felt attracted to women. Already engaged, she called off her wedding, returned  the ring to her fiance and walked away from the Lord. For the next 14 years, Janet lived a homosexual lifestyle and moved from relationship to relationship. She became deeply involved in drugs, cocaine this time, and developed bulimia. God used the persistent love of believers to call her to faith in Jesus Christ and call her out of her lesbian lifestyle. In Called Out: A Former Lesbian’s Discovery of Freedom, Janet shares her amazing and inspiring story of how God’s grace and the power of faith can transform and heal and that there is a real possibility of change for those trapped by homosexual desires. Her testimony has helped many women to turn away from their lesbian lifestyles and get right with God. 

  • “What an awesome testimony! This book is about a lesbian who turned her life around and became a TRUE Christian. I actually bought this book for someone else.” – F. Robbins, Amazon Review
  • “I have a couple of female friends who have been caught up in a lesbian lifestyle and now that they have determined to depart from it, I feel that this book will aid me understand their initial reasons for getting involved in lesbianism in the first place.” – D. Kaiser, Christian Book
  • “This is a timely book with thoughtful and hope-filled words for those struggling with homosexuality.” – Paul Gazelka, Amazon Review
ISBN 1599793857, 224 pages, Publisher – Creation House

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