The Truth Set Us Free by Richard Bennett

The Truth Set Us Free is an excellent book for dedicated Roman Catholics who want to know the realities of convent life and for lapsed Catholics who became discouraged by the practice of a religious faith which has not answered his or her inner emptiness and confusion.

The Truth Set Us Free: Twenty Former Nuns Tell Their Stories is a collection of testimonies from former nuns who left Roman Catholicism to true faith in God through Jesus Christ alone. These nuns believed that a Catholic convent is the ideal place to serve God but they were haunted by their lack of peace with God. It was the Scriptures which allowed these woman to finally experienced God in a way they had been unable to. The testimonies in this book are intensely personal and wonderfully down-to-earth and it tells  the joy these former nuns found when they learned the true gospel of Jesus Christ – a gospel that they never found in the convent.

  • “This book saved my soul! This is one of about 5 books that God led me to that drew me to Him. I always thought, having been raised Catholic and that I was a Christian. My life has gotten so much better since reading this book about 1 and a half years ago. I love the Lord and praise Him for speaking to me through the stories of the women in this book. My Catholic brothers and sisters, please don’t dismiss this book. Read it and then decide for yourself. Compare what these women are saying to scripture. You’ll more than likely be as surprised and delighted as I was.” – Amy, Amazon Review 
  • “This book is incredible and a real eye-opener to the inside of a society that controls by guilt and fear. A must read about breaking away from the convent.” – P. Creazzo, Amazon Review
  • “After years of man made teachings, these brave women left the dead-end Catholic monolith and struck out as to follow God’s Word and not man’s traditions. The stories are inspiring, the Biblical content in the book is accurate, and its interesting to see a theme running through the book where the Grace of God (not the catholic based ‘saved by works’ dogma ), is the true source of salvation by God.

ISBN 1579210678, 256 pages, Publisher – WinePress Publishing


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