The Language of God by Francis S. Collins

The Language of God by Francis Collins, Christianity, Agnosticism, agnostics, skepticism, skeptics, Conversion, science, books for evangelism, evangelism, book review,Providing the best argument for the integration of science and faith, Francis S. Collins’ ‘The Language of God’ is an excellent resource for non-believers when questioning their own agnosticism and atheism.

Francis S. Collins used his faith in God and his professional expertise to present a powerful case for the integration of Science and the Scripture in his New York Times Best Selling book, The Language of God.  As an evangelical Christian, Dr. Collins is a  known-advocate for the reconciliation of Science and Christianity. He is a Physician-Geneticist by profession and noted for his discoveries of disease genes and his leadership of the Human Genome Project, which successfully mapped the complete human DNA sequence. He briefly shares his conversion in this book, telling the readers that he considered himself as an atheist when he was in Graduate School. Determined in confirming his atheism after an encounter with a patient who asked about his spiritual belief, he studied the best arguments for faith. A pastor directed him to Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis, which he cites as the main cause of his conversion. In this book, Dr. Collins shares that he considers scientific discoveries an ‘opportunity to worship‘. The Language of God is sure to challenge the intellectually honest reader (believers, non-believers, skeptics, atheists or agnostics) who will read it with an open mind, rather than a defensive heart.

  • “The book ends with a clear, concise, “scientific” request to consider following Christ.”- Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “Growing up, I always ask questions such as ‘how do we get here on earth’, ‘who is God?’… After listening to the audio book, it became clear in my heart and mind who is God, about the human race and spirituality  My life has been changed by this book!” – Cobby, Amazon Review
  • “As a former atheist who some time ago converted to the Christian faith, Francis does an impeccable job of mitigating my fear that the spiritual truth that I have come to know is not working in concert with scientific reality.  This book has significantly strengthened my resolve in my faith while simultaneously ensuring that I am not basing my faith on a “God gap” that may crumble with additional academic research. – N. Gontarz
  • “This is a fascinating book that just might change your perspective on religion and the world. Dr. Collins does a great job explaining some complex areas of science and the fact that his work changed a hardened, self-described militant atheist into a believer helped me in my faith. Your worldview might change!” – J. Willoughby, Amazon Review
  • “This is a book I’d definitely love my fellow biologists and all researchers alike to read, especially those that find it absurd that highly educated people can come to believe and trust in God.” – Poliana, Amazon Review
ISBN 1416542744, 294 pages, Publisher – Free Press

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