The Highest Adventure Encountering God by Mike Shreve

The Highest Adventure Encountering God Mike Shreve

In The Highest Adventure Encountering God, Mike Shreve shares his conversion story on how God supernaturally brought him out of yoga and New Age spirituality into the Biblical world view that he now embraces. Shreve also touches on some very important sub-themes in this 64-pages booklet such as: Polytheism or Monotheism?, Isn’t There Only One God?, One Way or Many Ways?, The Importance of the Cross, Are Human Beings Divine?, Reincarnation versus Resurrection, and a lot more.

This book is a great tool to witness to someone who subscribes to New Age concepts like pluralism: the idea that all religions are legitimate paths to the same ultimate reality. It is a loving and gentle presentation of the truth. You will not be afraid of offending people because of a harsh or demeaning presentation of the Gospel. Secure a dozen copies and hand them out to key people in your community, especially New Agers.

 ISBN 0942507673, 64 pages, Publisher – Deeper Revelation Books


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