Out of Egypt by Jeanette Howard

For those who are reaching out to lesbians who are struggling to walk out from their lifestyle, Out of Egypt is an excellent book that you can offer and give.

Written by Jeanette Howard, Out of Egypt is a good resource that provides support for women struggling with their sexual identity, for those who want to have understanding of the roots of female homosexuality as well as for those who counsels them. As reviewed by Andy Comiskey, author of Pursuing Sexual Wholeness, “Jeanette offers the lesbian struggler with real hope as she walks with her along the path towards freedom and she does so by describing the interplay between God’s transforming, all sufficient love and our yieldedness to it. Employing clear illustrations from the lives of lesbian strugglers, Jeanette invites us all to partake of Jesus’s deep care in those areas where we dare welcome Him as a lover and restore of the soul. Howard also extends the graspable hand of Jesus to the lesbian struggler. As the book unfolds, so does the truth of Jesus’ faithful and very real commitment to restoring the feminine soul.”

  • “When I read “Out of Egypt”, Jeanette showed me that lesbianism is not a natural part of me. She showed me that I have to trust God, and allow God to lead me throughout my life, if I want to overcome my lesbian urges, and develop my femininity. This book has encouraged me, and has given me a lot of hope. – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “If you are struggling with homosexual tendencies and wish to break free, seeking restoration from sexual brokenness, this book is a powerful way to start your journey! It will open you up not only to see, but to confront everything you have experienced in your life. In reading this book, I have had many revelations about my own struggle and many beautiful moments of realization that have contributed to an inward igniting of incredible soul healing! I have come to understand all that I was created to be as a woman and have drawn closer to my Creator, experiencing an integration and wholeness never known before!! I honestly feel like a new woman already!” – Anonymous, Amazon Review 
  • “It is one of the best resources I have ever encountered to help those who are dealing with sexual issues of any kind.” – S. Torres, Amazon Review
  • “As a parent of a twenty year old young woman who recently confessed about her struggle with same sex attraction this book is a must read. It broke our hearts to hear our daughter tell us about her struggle. If you need facts, hope and encouragement read this book. It is a wonderful resource.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review

ISBN 0825460018, 288 pages, Publisher – MonarchBooks


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