Jumping through Fires by David Nasser

David Nasser’s Jumping through Fires tells the readers his raw and transparent account of his transition from hating religion to having a faith in Jesus Christ. Book recommended for Muslims and for anyone who hates religion. 

Jumping through Fires: The Gripping Story of One Man’s Escape from Revolution to Redemption is David Nasser’s honest and moving memoir which tells his story from being forced to escape his native Iran during the 1979 Revolution to finding refuge in America and becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. Born and trained as a Muslim, he saw how his religion destroyed his country. After finding refuge in America, Nasser shares his struggles, challenges and difficulties adjusting to a new culture. Through the eyes of Nasser, readers will learn about the destructive power of religion and how he tries to fit into a very different culture. Feeling alone and empty, some of his classmates from his high school invited him to come to church. Nasser explained that he hated religion and doesn’t want anything related to it. Eventually, he gives in and the events that followed reveals God’s amazing plan of grace in Nasser’s life. Nasser experienced a complete change of heart and found acceptance, forgiveness, and redemption. Jumping through Fires is an amazing story for anyone who has seen the lie of religion – Nasser offers the truth of Jesus.

  • “Once you open Jumping through Fires, you won’t be able to put it down… A life-changing book.” – M. Powell, Third Day
  • “David allows the reader to understand that God doesn’t judge us when we want to change our ways, he gives us something called grace which was a gift from Jesus dying for our sins. The price paid in the book for David is being rejected from his family because of their firm Muslim beliefs. You need to read this book if you are a Christian or not (it will change your life).” – T. Sorrell, Amazon Review
  • “The main focus of this story is the aspect of Christianity in his life, an the grace it provides with whatever person you are. Jumping Through Fires does a good job exploring the differences between Christianity and other religions. This provides a good view of how good Christianity is.” – Z. Reyes, Goodreads
  • “I hope many will read and fall in love with Jesus because of the story David has to tell!” – Drew, Goodreads

ISBN 0801013356, 171 pages, Publisher – Baker Books


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