Inmate 46857 by Eddie Charles Spencer and LaFon Walcott Burrow

Eddie’s memoir, Inmate 46857  will offer a message of hope, peace, freedom and grace that can only be found in Jesus Christ and we recommend this book for youth-at-risk, inmates, former convicts and prisoners of their own hate and anger,

Inmate 46857 is Eddie Charles Spencer’s coming-of-age story as he recalls how God intervened and provided deliverance in his life. Experiencing pain, humiliation and poverty in childhood, revenge and hatred has gripped his young mind that eventually launched his journey of crime and violence as he longed for security and respect. In this book, he shares that he was once a convicted felon imprisoned in jail for armed robbery and attempted murder then had one amazing encounter with God  that transformed him into a new man. At present, Eddie has a ministry speaking at schools, churches, and conferences.

  • By the end I was gripped by the reality of a miracle and reminded that God can indeed change anyone. – A. Brown, Amazon Review 
  • This is an incredible testimony of God’s grace and faithfulness, it is exciting to think of how God will use this book to impact many for His glory! – C. Rutledge, Amazon Review
  • My eyes were opened up on how a person can turn to such a sinful life. I am hoping that the message he carries will influence some of my students. – A. Forrester, Amazon Review
  • “His testimony is one that could and should shake up folks who might be headed down the wrong path.” D. Bordelon , Amazon Review

ISBN-10: 1414101708, 224 pages, Publisher – Pleasant Word



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