Christ, Muhammad and I by Mohammad Al Ghazoli

Christ, Muhammad and I is a book recommended for both Christians and Muslims. For Christians, the arguments in this book will help you provide powerful evidences that you can show to Muslims that you are witnessing to. 

Born and raised as a Muslim, Mohammad Al Ghazoli followed the traditions and studied the ancient literature of Islam. The more he learned about his religion and the life of Muhammad, the more he was convinced that Allah cannot be the true God and Muhammad cannot be a God’s prophet. Then one day, someone placed a Holy Bible in his hands and said, “read”. With the overwhelming evidences he found while studying the Word of God, Ghazoli was convinced who is the True God and he also found true forgiveness only through His Son, Jesus Christ. In Christ, Muhammad and I, Mohammad Al Ghazoli provides the readers with a powerful presentation of what he discovered between the Bible and the Qur’an such as the 220 contradictions found from the ancient literature of Islam and the recorded stories of Muhammad and how he cannot be a real prophet. Since this book is written by a respected Arab writer that was once an adviser to the Arab league and even to the Libyan ruler Qhadaffi, witnessing Christians can give the book to a Muslim and tell him, “read”.  

  • “I gained much insight after reading this book despite the fact that it is full of the origins of Islam.” 
  • “I love this book. I had this for 4 years and it really changed my life and it changes yours to!”
ISBN 075890648X, 256 pages, Publisher – Chick Pub