Broken to Rise by Doyl C. Tully

Broken to Rise is an inspiring book that will encourage the fallen, motivate the discouraged and will deliver hope to the hopeless through the grace of God. 

Written by Doyl C. Tully, Broken to Rise: A Life Changed By The Power of God is the author’s inspiring and gripping testimony how his bad choices led him to serious consequences and how he was saved by the mercy, grace and life-changing power of God. Doyl shares in this book how his selfish desires stripped him of almost everything and anything that he deemed worthwhile: his family, his career and his home. Despite experiencing hopelessnessand despair, his life was changed when he cried out to the Lord and surrendered his life to Him. In this fascinating account readers will discover how our merciful God delivered him from the jaws of drugs, suicide and self-dependence and learn to trust Jesus Christ that He will create a new life from the rubble of past mistakes. This book also shares the great principle that all things are possible for those who will surrender their lives to Christ. 

  • “I highly recommend this book to anyone who are struggling giving their hearts to Christ. In fact, we give this book away to new visitors at our church as a gift for attending!” – Red, Amazon Review
  • “The reader (will) understands that without Christ in his life, he remains a prisoner within himself.” – K. Thomas, Amazon Review
  • “The message in this book needs to be heard!” – L. Brethauer, Amazon Review
  • “This book showed me the power and unconditional love that God has for me, and for you, and that no matter how far or deep we fall, God is always there to pick us up.” – J. Yates, Amazon Review
ISBN 1414105517, 156 pages, Publisher – Pleasant Word: A Division of WinePress Publishing

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