Broken by Travis Thrasher

A mixture of suspense, thriller and action with a message of hope and redemption, Broken is an excellent book for people with troubled backgrounds. 

Written by Travis Thrasher, Broken: A Novel is about the story of Laila, a beautiful young woman trying to run away from the crimes of her past and struggles to move forward. Laila Torres had it all. She came from a very wealthy family in Texas but when her world fell apart, she escaped to New York to pursue a promising career as a model. Unfortunately, the glamour world that she is looking for turned out to be an illusion. She ended up becoming a call girl in Chicago in order to survive. After an encounter with a violent client, Laila shoots and kills him in self-defense, sending herself into a spiral of guilt and emptiness. For the next six months, Laila tried to move on and start a new life in Greenville, South Carolina but she’s haunted by her past. After a mysterious man approached her and said that he knows what she did, Laila tries to runs away. With her brother and a co-worker trying to help her, Laila tries to overcome the issues of her past and find peace. Within the pages of Broken, readers will discover the message that no matter how broken we are, there is hope for redemption available for us. 

  • “Thrasher’s novels always makes me contemplate the deeper meaning of life. This one is no different. Laila has made some bad choices. But the heavy questions of redemption and grace, and whether it’s ever truly too late to change who you are gives you cause to question your life and re-evaluate where you stand in anticipation of eternity. A thought-provoking novel that caused me to wonder how broken I am willing to be before I surrender to the One who can heal any kind of broken life, heart or soul.” – D. Wilson, Amazon Review
  • “Broken shows that we live in a broken world, and the only way for us to get through this life in a satisfying manner is to follow the Lord, and to follow His precepts.” – A. Schultz, Amazon Review
  • “Broken? That’s a place I’ve been, a place I am. Not the situation that Laila finds herself in, but I get Thrasher’s message. It’s his Hosea story. It’s his story of all of us and how utterly broken we are and how we need the hope that can only be found in Jesus. Of how, even though we are the cause of our brokenness, He takes His broken heart and heals us with His broken body.” – J. Olds, Amazon Review
  • “Thrasher has written the rare suspense novel that truly has a deeper message of faith and hope.” – C. Lockstein, Goodreads

ISBN 0446505552, 288 pages, Publisher – FaithWords


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