Sold to the Highest Bidder by Teresa Richenberger

Sold to the Highest Bidder by Teresa Richenberger, Books For Evangelism, booksforevangelism.orgSold to the Highest Bidder: The Transformation of an Exotic Dancer by Teresa Richenberger is Teresa Richenberger’s compelling and honest story being an exotic dancer at a very young age and how God’s everlasting for us transformed her life forever.

At a very young age, Teresa had used drugs. By the age of 16, she run away from her home to start living on her own. But in order to support herself, she felt that the only way was to sell her body. Teresa saw a newspaper ad who are looking for dancers with a thousand dollars earnings per week. Earning easy money seduced Teresa and so she became an exotic dancer. Although Teresa was earning money, she felt empty and lonely. Teresa reached a breaking point in her late 20s. Teresa overdosed in a near lethal combination of drugs, alcohol, and medication. After Teresa got out of the hospital, another newspaper ad caught her attention — a church ad to come visit. Today, Teresa now lives her life for Jesus Christ and also helps others to overcome their painful past.

  • This book is for everyone, it doesn’t matter what your struggles is this life are. This book brings you to the One that loves you more than you can imagine, and wants to bring light to your darkness. Teresa does a great job of showing us what God can do if only we will surrender and give it all to Him. No one is too deep or too far from His amazing loving grace.
  • This story is about how God never gives up on us. A beautiful story of Jesus’ Redemption and God Mercy and Grace. This is a must read for anyone. You will certainly receive a huge blessing if you do! – Marilyn, Amazon

ISBN 1475106963, 180 pages, Publisher – CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform



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