Letter from a Christian Citizen by Douglas Wilson

Douglas Wilson’s ‘Letter from a Christian Citizen’ provides an excellent and solid response  to Sam Harris’  ‘Letter to a Christian Nation’. An excellent book recommended for believers – this book will provide a point-by-point response to the arguments advanced by Harris; and for atheists – this book will  challenge and encourage them to consider what they’ve read in Sam Harris’ book.

In 2006, Sam Harris wrote ‘Letter to a Christian Nation’  which contains atheist rants against Christianity. In this book, Harris points out that Christianity is  irrational, regressive, and at times barbaric. Moreover, his arguments aim to create public awareness on  the negative impact Christianity has had on the society. Letter from a Christian Citizen is Douglas Wilson’s response to Harris’ claims and arguments. Written in a clear style and conversational tone, Wilson offers a compelling chapter-by-chapter interaction with the Harris’ book. Pointing out the weaknesses and inconsistencies of Atheist position, Wilson dismantles Harris’ arguments and effectively demonstrates the positive impact Christianity has had on society.

  • “I read this book right after reading Letter To a Christian Nation, and, I can’t wait to read other material by Mr. Wilson. In a careful (almost page by page) way, Mr. Wilson shows why Mr. Harris’ book comes up short in its intentions. There is much to be learned in the way and manner this book was wrote. I enjoyed the presentation of the gospel in the last few pages as well.” – G. Davidson, Amazon Review
  • “In the closing pages, Wilson makes a careful presentation of the gospel message – the only true remedy for those who deny God’s existence. He calls Harris and anyone else who reads this book to repentance and to faith in Jesus Christ. He shows that the call of the gospel is not a call to religion, but a call to Christ Himself. ‘We need actual medicine, not the idea of medicine. And this is why we need Christ, not religion.'” – Tim Challies
  • “If you’re an atheist, then you need to give an adequate answer to Wilson’s arguments.” – Tom, Amazon Review

ISBN 0915815664, 111 pages, Publisher – American Vision


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